Mark Lizar in an interview with unBoundID, explains the experiences people have with consent.

“If you look at the experience that most people go through, such as entering in passwords or resetting passwords, the uncertainty about where your data is going and how it is being used, it is not a friendly process. People are stuck in a situation where they have to give consent to complete an action online but there is no transparency. As a result, people feel isolated, forced to lie and agree to terms not read, and are not empowered. Each organization’s policies are a closed, bespoke, policy framework, where you are more often than not, agreeing to consent forever.”

The OpenConsent solution, is to let people manage consent independently, enabling consent to be freely given and easily withdrawn.  But for consent to be open companies need to have publicly usable privacy profiles, or people still need to go to each company, one at a time.