Why A Privacy Day Event?

There are a lot of marketing companies and pseudo privacy experts who not only don’t know what they are doing, but are treating the experts pretty badly in their attempt to sell tickets and re-sell peoples information.  No longer able to stand by and watch all the good work being done by many amazing champions in Identity Trust and Standards, Open Consent has decided to do something about it.

To start with, Open Consent proposed that the Kantara Initiative (a non-profit) form an event committee to launch the International Privacy Summit: Identity, Trust & Standards.  An event to promote senior expertise to senior executives which appropriately promotes the experts and organisations who are the privacy hero’s.   Creating this call to action for those who are making privacy work, writing the laws, standards, and applications that will make privacy happen for industry and people.

Open Consent is one of those privacy hero companies.  Our team is made up of people who have championed privacy transparency for over 30 years, in many instances volunteering to create an international standards for privacy transparency that people can use.   In fact, on December 3rd, 2017 the Consent Receipt v1.1, developed and led by our CEO Mark Lizar, along with a group of expert volunteers in the Kantara Initiative, will go into a 45 day public IPR review. Once its through it is being fast tracked into ISO a global leader in industry standards.

This work has been incredibly successful, in fact the consent work  led by Mark Lizar has been a key champion of the consent provisions which are now in the GPDR.

Kuppering Cole – a leading industry analyst organisation in Identity Standards predicts that the Consent Receipt  v1.1 and UMA, a sister workgroup effort in the Kantara Initiative, will be the top trends in identity standards in 2018.

This event champions work like this and most importantly, champions standards for Privacy Transparency.  Because, it doesn’t matter if every organisation is compliant with the GDPR if the privacy is not usable for people.   To learn more, sign up for the event and be apart of the privacy revolution.