The MyData Conference in Helsinki this year is shaping up to be the best yet.  Its a  great collaboration amongst different communities of interest in the MyData global ecosystem.

For the last 6 years,  OpenConsent has diligently lobbied, advocated and championed the use of international standards, to make interoperable, machine readable privacy and consent.   Enabling people to see (their) privacy with a common language,  across devices and contexts is key to making privacy and security operational and meaningful to people.

Since the beginning of the MyData movement at the Open Knowledge Festival and the  Consent Receipt hackathon . (See Kai in hack video) a lot has happened.  Now there are strong consent laws in the EU and consent and privacy is going machine readable, with standards and specifications designed to work at a global level.  Today companies are are using My Data tools to talk to each other.

A big part of this movement started  4 years ago,  when the hackothins happened. Now MyData has grown as a global community of people, projects and industry  interested in best that personal data control has to offer. 

My Data has grown every year, and true to the MyData promise,  has driven forward topic and culture in interoperability,  consent, and standards.  

Some of the forces coming together this year are being facilitated by Joss Langford (from Activinsights, COEL standard  at OASIS). Leading a track that includes, JLINC,  with the  Kantara Initiative, LC Chair Andrew Hughes leading an interoperability session with the Minimum Viable Consent Receipt.   

The minimum viable consent receipt is an important tool for interoperability, that is intended to enable a common data structure and protocol for explicit consent internationally.   The interoperability sessions this year will demonstrate commitment to standards and ecosystem from different companies in consent and identity management from around the world.   Showing how the use of standards, community and consent receipts create the technical transparency needed for operational privacy and freedom for people.


To Find Out More: 

For all interested and for the interop this year OpenConsent has made a consent receipt viewer, (check the link to try it out).

If you want to try it out, make a receipt with a receipt generator

If you want to make your own Consent Receipt Generator, you can find this at our Github test site.  

If you are looking for the ability to provide consent receipts for your own organisation, check in with for a list of latest Consent Tech services.