White Hat Privacy Services

White Hat Privacy is auditing and assessing privacy and surveillance, in confidence, to improve practices, shore up vulnerabilities, reduce risk, and to help create more trustworthy services. Digital Transparency for good.

As the operator of the Operational Privacy Network (OPN), the Network is based upon systematic assessment and validation of privacy and surveillance practices, policies and notifications (against standards and legal requirements).

An OpenConsent professional is available to identify your controller profile, assess privacy and surveillance technologies and their use, and employ frameworks to reduce risk. The team will assess your company for conformance to privacy regulations in a single jurisdiction, multiple jurisdictions, against standards and certifications. We help organisations compete on privacy and security.


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Testing Privacy Risk

  • Benchmark policies against practice

  • Testing Codes of Practice

  • Video Surveillance Implementations

  • Identity & Access Control

  • The use and implementation of standards

  • cross-borders transfers,

Auditing Privacy Risk & Mitigation

  • Data Supply Chain Auditing & Monitoring

  • (Data) Privacy Impact Assessments

  • TrustMarks & Third Party Trust Services

  • Industry Surveillance Codes of Practices

  • Mass processing volumes

  • consumer versus employee privacy audits

  • legal change management

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