Identity Management: Custom Privacy Profile & Receipt Services

A core part of the service offering at OpenConsent is a privacy and consent receipt service for digital Identity management systems. With the advent of updates to privacy laws internationally, advanced digital identity technology requires digital transparency over the use of identification to deomstate compliance and reduce liability..

In particular, compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation, Canadian Meaningful Consent Laws, and the California Consumer Privacy Act requires a notification of risks and when there are changes to privacy.

Privacy and consent receipts are standardised record and logging profiles that provide transparency receipts for data processing that are distributed so people can use them remotely. A required component for Distributed and Self Soverign Identity Technologies.

An OpenConsent professional audits the privacy and security risk in an identity management system, creates a profile for the use of digital identity. Depending to the sensitivity of the data processing and the special categories of personal data specific different privacy rights, risk mitigation and security assurances are required to provide high privacy assurance.

An OPN controller profile is created to easily provides the type and nature of processing for an identity management system, these are in turn used to provide the scope of access controls, privacy notices and access to privacy rights. The privacy roles to the identity management system for privacy notice and receipt management extensions are used to to enable dynamic notice, with operational privacy, and rights/permissions

In addition, OpenConsent produces and develops conformance profiles wich cn be provided to standards, certification bodies, or regulators for certification for government services, trade associations or infrastructure like Airports or Schools.

Our services guarantee trustworthy transparency for high quality consent, with low friction, to meet and exceed privacy requirements for the most sensitive personal data identity systems.

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