TrustWorthy Surveillance Broadcasting

Video Security and surveillance capable technologies are required to be transparent to be compliant with regulations like, the General Data Protection Regulation and with PIPEDA the Canadian data protection and privacy legislation.

An OpenConsent professional will audit surveillance technologies and services for physical locations to produce a controller broadcasting profile that can be certified to provide easy privacy. If privacy is as expected, their are no unexpected privacy practices, then an organisation is eligible for the Trustworthy Surveillanc Certification (TSC).

The TSC certifies that the privacy is;

  • as a expected and that surveillance technologies are used in a way that protects privacy,

  • that video isn’t shared

  • the systems doesn’t use international processing services

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: Open to provide access to privacy rights in context.

OpenConsent is actively involved with regulators and the CCTV Camera Commissioner in the UK to produce operational privacy guidance that can be used for all organisations.

  • Providing key research and input into the UK Camera Code of Practice

  • Providing case studies and testing the operational use of EU Video Surveillance Guidance

  • Working with Trade Associations and Certification providers to update codes of practices and certifications with ConsentByDesign OPN Notification Protocol.

For services that want to make their Facial ID services privacy by design, we offer a Facial Identity Active Profile, Rights and. Certification service, to demonstrate operationally privacy compliance with privacy and surveillance receipts.

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