Security & Surveillance System Integrators

Technology used for surveillance of people and the security of infrastructure requires privacy notice, purpose specification, risk and impact information. A lot of this information, although required, is not often provided in a format that promotes privacy design or the transparency over the use of the surveillance technology.

With a mass adoption of facial recognition and emotion tracking, CCTV is no longer the only technology that needs to be registered for legal compliance in the UK or EU.

Security notice and privacy information should conform to industry codes of practices, security best practices, surveillance codes of conduct and if operated in some jurisdictions, like the United Kingdom, registered with the United Kingdom’s, Information Commissioners Office.

OpenConsent has a privacy controller registration service, that provides for the registration of surveillance technologies that conforms to the highest international level.

A privacy profile for a security system provides as default set of privacy notices, and product information as well as a service for your customers to automatically register for privacy notice and live certificate registry.

Providing this information, as a privacy profile, bundled with the product or service delivery, makes your product or service privacy friendly for standards, machine readable notice, supplier integration, and most importantly demonstrates compliance in a visible way your customers can trust.

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