Smart City & IoT

Smart City and IoT privacy assurance services.

An OpenConsent Professional is available to look at the privacy risk profile and service design of your services and provide a privacy profile for a product, service or implementation. A privacy profile for location based device services is a requirement systems that aim to integrate personalised or enhanced experiences for physical spaces.

A privacy profile for a product or smart city service can be used to create a privacy baseline service that is responsive to location and context requirements, provides dynamic and personalise privacy notices, an enables the sharing of more sensitive personal data.

OpenConsent has a range of solutions for physical space service .

Register an IoT device that collects personal data to a privacy profile to enable digital privacy profile interface. Available embedded, via sticker, in nfc, rfid and bluetooth. The IoT OPN icon, generates a broadcast privacy signal so that privacy services can be ubiquitous.

An OC professional will provide the international, national, local and contextual notice requirements for easy privacy for people.

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