Add a Privacy Profile to Upgrade a Privacy Policy

A privacy profile can be added to any privacy policy to generate operational privacy with a OPN profile icon.  A profile icon is generated, signed, and placed in a privacy policy to create operational privacy, that is security and usable, in the context of the privacy policy.

Used to layer privacy notice into a privacy policy, it creates an operational  standard interface that established a privacy state that is relevant and relatable to the end user.   

The design of the privacy profile provides basic privacy information, standardised to work globally, so that people can start to see what privacy they have, not only with this one company, but with all companies.  Like a clock, everyone is looking at the same time and seeing the same shared state of privacy. (for the first time)

In 2019,  OpenConsent has a launch plan and roadmap of services.  Each service when launched will add more functionality to the pubic privacy profile making privacy increasingly meaningful, usable and powerful for people and companies everywhere.  Get in touch for a sneak preview. privacy(at)

EditorialMark Lizar1