8:15 – 11:30 am

A breakfast networking workshop, with British Security Industry Association (BSIA), discussing global guidelines for security and privacy for GDPR. Focusing on key areas of overlap in privacy and security.  (a privacy week workshop)

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Key Privacy & Security Topics

  • Video and CCTV
  • Data Breach, Retention & Erasure
  • Impact of privacy on cyber security – is privacy a cyber security risk?

Workshop Description 

This workshop aims to provide a networking opportunity that increases awareness of industry standards efforts and to discuss privacy guidance gaps in security system deployments, throughout the supply chain, from product provider, to system integrator, to end user.

The workshop will highlight thought leadership and best practices, which address security in the context of GDPR.

This is your chance to contribute towards the industries view of what best practise means for GDPR, in the UK and internationally,  whilst delivering security.

Security and surveillance is much more evolved in the UK, much as a result of the extensive use of surveillance and security technology.

Join us to discuss key risks, vulnerabilities and gaps in current deployments and speakers with specific example of efforts to address key privacy and security issues.

The output of the workshop will result in a report for use with developing the next industry codes of practice, guidance and standards.


8:30 – Intro

9:00 – BSIA – Surveillance Code of Practice, How the UK Government, the BSIA and the UK Security Industry Proactively Addressed the GDPR.

9:30 –  Identity, Security & Privacy, and Why the GDPR Matters Across the Globe – Sal D’Agostino

10:00 – Break

10:30 – Capturing Security industry Best practise for GDPR Interpretation

11:00 Final Remarks

11:15  Reception

11: 45 Close