Privacy Agreement Policy- Hyperledger RFC

An OpenConsent Expert Consent Collaboration

Evolving Consent and Personal Data Control

Evolving Consent and Personal Data Control

OC is collaborating with incredible team of experts to solve the biggest challenges to privacy and consent in the digital age. The Privacy agreement RFC is a true revolution in consent and open privacy.

The person generates the Privacy Agreement Policy (an object invented by this project). This incredible innovation reduces a huge amount of friction to explicit consent because people do not having to read and understand a privacy policy, or a privacy statement. This enables consent (the way we wish it to be and enables more functionality. Like a personal consent directive or decree. The consent receipt standard is used as a consent token with a consent policy embedded - to which the PIIController must comply regardless of wether the PII Controller is identified or not to the PII Principle. Making anonymous and pseudonymous consent possible. As a result this project encourages moving past the existing understanding of broken consent to make the real thing - human consent - possible for digital identity.

More information is coming soon - stay tuned.