Professional Services

Professional Services

Services We Offer

  • Privacy Risk Assessment: We provide light weight assessment to ascertain your type of privacy and the risks that need to be mitigated.  This enables us to see how much privacy profiling is needed to make your privacy operational
  • Privacy Profiling:  We review your existing privacy profile produce international privacy profiles that enable scalable privacy infrastructure
  • We work with Trade Associations and Standards bodies to produce privacy profiles for Codes of Conduct, that can be used by industry members
  • We provide a service to map existing laws to international standards to provide notice. and consent that works internationally

Privacy Risk Assessment and Privacy Profiling

We focus on the external view of privacy and how usable it is by people and service providers.

We advise and report on existing public privacy profile elements like data controller registration and 3rd party trust services.

Our services focus on creating usable privacy for people and service providers.  And for service providers to be able to advertise their privacy.  We audit privacy openness, transparency, and consent notifications, for international and cross domain use and identify the gaps

Our core service provides the design, build and testing of usable privacy infrastructure; in particular the creation of notices and receipts that enable compliance and the associated transparency and consent. For those that complete this process, and put this infrastructure in place, we enable a new level of privacy services able to address global privacy challenges.


Our Service Value

We audit, report and innovate on privacy and security, while focused on information risks inherent with personal information management. This drives innovation in automation of notice requirements for more usable privacy for your brands global enhancement.

Privacy for Industry Codes of Practice

Looking to operationalise an industry code of practice, or need to map codes of practices to global standards and multiple privacy laws.  Get in touch with the OC Team.

How We Help

  • We help make your existing privacy infrastructure operational for your organisations and your customers who need privacy information.
  • We provide privacy profiles that your organisation can re-use for all contexts
  • We engineer privacy as a customer engagement tool to enhance your business so people trust your organisation and provide more personal information
  • We provide privacy profiles and privacy tools for security, surveillance and IOT.