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Privacy & Security Network: 3 Step Setup

Using standards and open source software build a privacy and security network that is live and always on,

  1. Register a Privacy Controller Account
  2. Activate a Public Privacy Profile an API end point
  3. Generate a privacy icon and broadcasts privacy to be open and transparent.



  • Active Privacy Contact Services & Support
    • Always on by default privacy information services
    • Enhanced Contact Services
  • In Context Privacy Icon
    • extend your  existing privacy policy  with an operational privacy and security profile for your service
    • Deploy privacy icon in your website and on product service information.
  • In Context Surveillance Privacy: CCTV & Video Security
    • Register A Camera to enable Privacy Broadcasting for that device, broadcasting security
    • Register   a security and privacy  IOT device profile to the network and create a privacy profile template for the product or service.

Operational Privacy 

  • Open Standards and Open Source
  • Privacy Risk Assessment: Legal Compliance
  • Security Profile and Service Level Guidelines:
  • Public Privacy Ledger
  • Gov Verified: Registered Companies and Institutions

Register Custom Privacy & Security Risk Profiles 

  • UK: Public Controller Registry
  • privacy by design
  • 3rd party Trust Service Assessment
  • Data Protection Impact Assessments
  • Approval by Regulators
  • Sub-Processor Supply Chain Risk Assessment
  • Compliance with sector specific regulation
  • high level of privacy service and performance
  • justifications and exemptions documented