Privacy Network

The Open Consent Global Privacy Network

Privacy Network Directory Available Here this Fall

You can now apply for the Privacy Network

To get involved, privacy controllers can now apply for early access to the OC Privacy Network.

Privacy Network accounts are used to generate a privacy profile and an active privacy status that is are used to broadcast privacy, which is especially useful for privacy and security.

The Privacy Network provides a simplified glossary and operational transparency for privacy and security that extends existing privacy infrastructure, policies, notices or practices.

Privacy memberships are available that enable privacy profiles to be used with  trusted third party partner applications and services, which use privacy profiles for services.



Members receive exclusive access to our range of tools from Consent Receipt Conformance, to the lastest Consent Record and Receipt Specifications.

Privacy Network Partners and Service Providers get access to GDPR Explicit Consent Specifications and Working Group

As a privacy network member, you can join or start a Privacy Network Development Group


  • We are proud to finally be able to test the privacy network and enable people and companies with privacy infrastructure that they can use.  Which isn't a scam, a mis-direction or exposes companies to liability.
  •  If this is for your organisation for a limited time we are taking applications and inviting those who want to next generation privacy to come and get involved.
  • Exclusive:  The privacy network provides ubiquitous privacy services that are operational and scalable.
  • Broadcast privacy so its provided automatically to your customers.
  • Increase customer trust. Transparency over privacy and surveillance

Be A Privacy Hero

  • Be transparent and make your privacy open and automatically accessible by joining the privacy network
  •  Privacy Hero’s who do make an effort to respect privacy and the control of personal data can use the privacy network to show it off to your customers and list in the privacy network directory so that people and organisations can find your business
  • Create a privacy controller profile with your existing privacy policy and service information
  • Use this profile to broadcast privacy, register as a process
  • Generate a Live Privacy Icon, and provide live privacy status to your customers to increase trust and transparency immediately
  • Reduce risk (damage control) by being open and transparent with a privacy network membership and profile
  • Your Brand is at  Risk and is  vulnerable to privacy attacks.
  • Know what your  public privacy profile looks like to regulators, customers and industry.
Apply for a Privacy Network Membership

This is your organisations public privacy contact point (not your personal email address)

Everyone is welcome to apply, we will keep you updated on the status of your application as more of the network service come-on  line.