Privacy in security is a key topic for OpenConsent, we have a deep background in surveillance, privacy and identity standards and innovation.

To this end there is

“there is a drum beat around interoperability. Interoperability among global enterprise physical security systems, to this day, is nascent for the physical security functions as well as their support of information technology standards. ”

“absolutely necessary that cybersecurity and privacy best practices are put in place from the very beginning of the design stage and through prototype” (Sal D’Agostino @IDmachines )

With posts like “Securing physical security” being written by Open Consent Co-Founder, Sal D’Agostino, it should be no surprise that OpenConsent is focused on security in privacy, with the GDPR surveillance infrastructure needs an update and data breach is a critical security function for any organisation with data to protect.


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Securing physical security – Medium post