Privacy Policy

The privacy policy Summary

We do privacy differently at OpenConsent.

This Means: You can expect 100% privacy unless notified otherwise

We will notify you where possible before your data is collected, you are tracked, put under surveillance or processed by a third party. This makes it really easy for you to ask questions about your privacy, and most importantly raise a privacy issue if you see one.

If you have any question or can see a privacy issue then please report it to, comment on this website - here.

** Notice: In April, 2019 - OpenConsent is launching a new service to fix privacy, so people don’t need to read policies to understand privacy anymore. If you are interested, register your interest ** here **

Even so, we recognise the importance of providing privacy information as required by privacy law.

General Company Privacy Notice

The nature of privacy for OpenConsent is low risk, as OpenConsent does not process personal sensitive or special categories of data does not track people’s devices or use third party surveillance technologies.

OpenConsent is a Ltd Company registered in the United Kingdom, in the Software and IT Integration industry.

Registered, and mailing, address is 22 Wenlock Rd, London United Kingdom, contact privacy(at)

Business Purpose for Collecting Personal Data

We collect personal data from people who work for companies that register an account in the network, in accordance with privacy law. And, we use personal data surveillance techniques to verify this persons authority with this company to post a privacy profile.

OpenConsent Website Service (This Website)

This website doesn’t use analytics and we don't process personal data of customers or the pubic at large without explicit consent.

This OpenConsent website does not use analytics or any third party services, except;

  • A) Device ID/IP address: required to provide you this service:

    • A website hosting company called SquareSpace

  • B) Twitter - 3rd party media service,

    • A twitter plugin- on the news and media page, a privacy notice warning of the risk on first time access is provided.

      • privacy notice

  • Contact Form: OpenConsent has a contact form for the purpose of answering questions and providing information about OpenConsent and related services.

    • We do not keep personal data beyond 30 days without a purpose, and yes we are starting a business.