Operational Privacy Policy

First and foremost our services and the Open Privacy Network are consent by design, which means we ask before we track and surveil, and we use a hosted public privacy profile to start, keep and maintain a mutual state of privacy (or Active Privacy). This makes it really easy for people to see what their privacy is, without ever having to read a privacy policy to understand privacy.

How ?

A) Anonymous Access to Privacy & Surveillance Information: With the privacy profile people can ask for information about privacy and surveillance practices as well as raise a privacy or security issue. (link)

B) We depend on you to provide us with information about you, and it doesn’t have to be personal

C) We don’t collect or process your personal information without explicit consent, because we are a privacy technology service company. In fact, we write and contribute to global standards for explicit consent receipts you can find this at the Kantara Initiative .

D) If something happens that puts your privacy or personal data security at risk, we will tell you immediately by turning the privacy icon red. (unless in an extremely remote circumstance that we are forbidden by law)

E) We do not collect data on or track your customer’s with a sneaky surveillance tracking technology, and we don’t let other companies secretly track your customers without a clear surveillance risk notice, privacy receipt and the choice.

Surveillance Technology on this website

  • This Website has surveillance technologies turned off by default

  • On the Media Page we have a twitter feed, which is preceded by a surveillance privacy notice and the option to turn twitter on, before twitter collects and processes your personal data. You can see this notice logged in the OPN privacy ledger, and any changes to this privacy notice can be tracked by collecting a privacy receipt and using the privacy receipt viewer (which is a new and rapidly advancing tool)

    • Privacy Risks from twitter can include - Informational injuries include deception, financial injury, health and safety injuries, unwanted intrusion, and reputational injuries

      • Twitter can track you, your posts and sharing of any articles can also reveal your location

      • your visit to this website could be used to indicate interest and in some way deceive you or advertise to you.

  • The OpenConsent.com website is hosted on server in the USA and we have audited and officially blocked the hosting company from processing your personal data both technically and with a direct policy notice.

    • The hosting company AKA website processing organisation is a part of the US-EU Privacy Shield program and we audit them regularly check their status in this program for compliance. If this changes, we will provide you with a notice that lets you know.

Open privacy network - Surveillance Policy

  • OPN(Open Privacy Network) is used to track changes to privacy policy and notice in the OPN Privacy Ledger. The ledger keeps a log of the monitoring activity and changes with are annotated with a notice of what has changed. This means don’t need to try and work this out by reading a privacy policy.

  • OPN does verify the personal information provided during the company profile creation process. This is required (legitimate interest) when creating an privacy profile.

  • OPN does check and test the privacy contact information and the information of any Data Protection Officers, Representatives, Privacy Controllers and Sub-Controllers of the company or institution who create a privacy profile

  • We track who owns the company of the privacy profile and when or if this changes, this is listed independently in the privacy profile ledger.

If you find any practice, information, or notice that contravene’s this policy, or if you would like more specific information about privacy, security or surveillance, then you can raise this issue or questions using the OPN Profile, anonymously with the use of consent receipts.

Raise an Anonymous Issue or Question

The OPN privacy profile contains 3 core service button,

  1. Raise A Privacy Request or Question - for raising a privacy, security and surveillance issue

    1. A zero day privacy and security exploit reporting

  2. Privacy Notice & Policy Repository

    1. The OPN profile is restricted to what is listed in this service button, for all non-profile listed activities the companies privacy policy and its prescribed method of communication is the default

  3. Privacy Ledger: To log, track, and annotate changes in privacy state

    1. The registered privacy notice pointer and the legal entity privacy information is independently monitored, companies can annotate this ledger and manage the dynamic privacy signal that keeps people instantly informed of their privacy state

OPN Integrate Privacy Profile Services

OPN Integrate Privacy Profile Services