What’s wrong with the Privacy Policy?

Privacy policies do not provide a useful tool for organisations to manage privacy expectations. They don’t provide meaningful information to people about what is really happening to their data.  And there is very little privacy information that people can use to protect privacy themselves in a privacy policy.

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EditorialMark Lizar
A Call for Privacy Best Practices in Identity Management Systems

(A rule of thumb approach towards developing best privacy practices in the IdM industry)
Legally, privacy(rights) are not an agreement (contract) and consent is not a not created through a company permission.

To illustrate:

  1. Privacy rights refer to mature laws that govern the shared state of society in which we all live.

    1. Governance for how to define power and control in relationships.

  2.  A contract is about collaboration or engaging with each other and transacting day to day

    1. The dis/agreement(s) we engage in with on a one on one basis is about the maintenance of the identity relationship, not defining the state.

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Mark Lizarmain