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Identiverse 2019


The Relationship Lifecycle of Things

Identity and the internet of things (IoT) inherently needs relationship management. Managing identity in an IoT context quickly goes beyond authentication of the IoT device as there is often a rich set of attributes from the sensors and processors in an IoT device. In addition, IoT devices and identities can have associated with them complex life-cycles and supply chains. The relationship management challenge is managing the lifecycle of device interfaces, their integration and the supply chain that supports that integration. This is particularly true in the case of discreet components which require system integration and have independent supply chains of their own. In many cases IoT system integration involves multiple components, vendors and suppliers. It covers multiple skills, and types of infrastructure, electrical as well as electronic systems, and any other physical plant and utilities involved in a given IoT context. Throughout the IoT system lifecycle there are ongoing and dynamic sets and nested relationships and these need to be maintained in order maintain the device interfaces and those relationships. This session looks at the use case of physical security and surveillance systems. In particular the session will explore the role of technical automation in maintaining healthy IoT device and system relationships. The technical automation scenarios draw on IoT and IT standards to facilitate the integration of lifecycle maintenance services.