May 22, 2018

 Marketing Media & Privacy: An Industry In Disruption

Google, Facebook, Internet Advertising Board, and Explicit Consent.   May 25th, 2018 marks the date when the marketing industry is no longer left to regulate itself.  The privacy guidance is barely usable and the new digital consumer will be embedded with enforceable rights.

Will anything in marketing change?  What is the industry really going to do?  Is it possible to get rid of cookies?   Come and find out what publisher, programatic advertising and privacy advocates are going to do when the new laws come into force

Come to the next generation marketing event to get and exclusive look into what next generation privacy technologies and tactics look like in marketing.

  • Consent Based Marketing
  • Advertising Consent Frameworks
  • Marketing with Legitimate Interest work
  • What does – withdrawing consent look like (when its as easy to remove as it was to provide?)
  • What are the most advanced ways to harvest consent ?

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This event is an exclusive industry event at IBM London on the Southbank, in Central London with a limited number of tickets available.  

On 22 May, three days before The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force, Marketing, Media and Privacy (MMaP) brings together leading experts to discuss the new privacy in media and marketing.

The Agenda includes:

  • Steve Norledge GDPR Leader, IBM UK & Ireland
  • Lyndsi Plummer:Associate Director,Accuen(Onmicom)
  • Dino Myers, Managing Director, Mulllen Lowe (Interpublic)
  • Alasdair Cross, Commercial Director, PIcompli
  • Richard Reeves Managing Director,  AOP

In Identity & Privacy

(5 sponsorships available from April 9th, 2018)

09:00 Welcome address from event partners, IBM, Kantara Initiative and The Trust Bridge

09:15 Opening keynote

09:50 Will GDPR drain the digital media data swamp?

10:35 Coffee and networking

11:00 Can new technology really protect privacy, build trust and drive competitive advantage?

11:45 GDPR has killed programmatic! Long live people-based marketing!

12:30 Lunch

13:15 Asking awkward questions: What is the best way to ask for consent?

14:00 Can trust and engagement be built with pseudonymity, transparency and accountability?

14:45  Coffee and networking

15:00 Legal-speak has made privacy unusable. Can we rescue privacy from the lawyers?

15:45 GDPR has made targeted media risky, can trade associations help de-risk?

16:30 Closing keynoteClick here for Tickets for International Privacy Summit