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Privacy Made Easy & Open

Do a better job at telling the world why you are good at privacy with open market tools to broadcasting privacy & security for people.


Take Control of your ‘Privacy Profile’


broadcast Your PRIVACY’

A ‘privacy profile’ is a set of privacy attributes specific to a company or institution. It’s components are defined by privacy and security legal requirements, best practices and standards.

An open standard ‘privacy profile’ makes it easy to broadcast an expected state of privacy before collecting or processing personal data. This way privacy risk can be provided to people in a meaningful manner.

OpenConsent combines privacy profiles with a ‘privacy ledger’ that is used to tracks changes to state of privacy and surveillance with the use of ‘legal entity privacy identifier’.

This identifier is then used to sign privacy notices so people can instantly see that the status of the privacy state and who is processing personal data at a glance.


Generate a Profile to Broadcast Privacy


The Privacy Broadcasting™ Service



Privacy policies are not designed, nor intended to provide information that can be used in context of providing personal data for processing. There is a missing layer for providing privacy and security notices that are meant to inform people.

OpenConsent provides this missing layer with a standardised privacy profile format, that enables privacy to be broadcasted. Each profile on the network hosts a ‘privacy ledger’ to track changes to privacy, so that it is easy for people to follow and understand the current state of privacy for people.

A privacy profile generates a privacy signal with standards that are defined by privacy law and open so that it complies with all privacy identity requirements. The privacy signal is created with a Consent By Design protocol, that makes transparency provision a requirement for business, and privacy frictionless for people.

The Consent by Design Protocol