Real Consent: Digital Catapult Workshop Series

Real Consent- The Journey.png

The Digital Catapult Real Consent Workshop series was comprised of 5 workshops and many project collocations. The workshops start in January 2016 and ended in February 2017. The series was a great success with the last event completely booked and attended by industry leaders, leading academics, rising star innovators and SME's. 

The aim of the series was to explore a better understanding of what it would take to engineer Real Consent that is meaningful for people.

The workshop series brought together many collaborations, and produced a research and design from Digital Catapult that extended the Kantara Initiative Consent Receipt Standard

This included,

  • A report on the use of privacy receipts for transparency and user data control.

  • A project for testing the usability and utility of privacy receipts

  • The production of a physical space entry system, tested at digital catapult, which sent people privacy reciepts upon entry, informing people of personal data processing.

The series brought together over 50 speakers and generated innovation in privacy and transparency.

The last event lineup included,

  • Kantara Initiative EU - V.1 : Consent Receipt - Mark Lizar - CEO of Open Consent -

  • Digital Catapult: Personal Data Receipt - Michele Nati - Lead Technologist at the Digital Catapult

  • Consent Gateway: Joss Langford - Coelition - My Data UltraHack Project

  • My Life Digital: Kieth Dewar and Simon Crossly - Pioneering Consent Management Platform: Providing Consent Receipts

  • Panel: Real Consent & Common transparency; Pat Walshe, Philip James, Reuben Binns, Emma Butler