End of Privacy 1.0 – Week 2018

This week in May will mark a historical moment when EU Privacy Laws become enforced  on May 25th.
OpenConsent is apart of hosting 3 events this week, bringing together industry, standards and privacy experts.
3 Privacy Activites in London: May, 22, 23rd and 24th.

 What  is End of Privacy 1.0 Week?

These events focus on the disruption GDPR enforcement is having at this time. Each event has a focus on privacy frameworks for a different industry and the role privacy standards play for different industries being impacted by the GDPR.
Some of the topics being discussed this week as the GDPR comes into Force?
  • What do privacy rights mean for your industry?
  • What privacy falls under exemptions and legitimate interest?
  • What privacy has to be consent or could be explicit consent based ?
  • How long is data retention?
  • When can data be deleted?
  • Do I need customers to provide consent again?
  • Does sending a legal notice to my customers satisfy the GDPR requirements for transparency?
  • What is the easy way to comply, be competitive and increase customer retention?
  • What guidelines are there for security so that privacy cannot be used as a business attack ?
  • What is open standard usable Privacy and Privacy 2.0 ?
 Speaker Highlights: 
Tues: Kantara Initiative:  Doc Searls, David Clayton, Lyndsi Plummer,
Wed: BSIA, IDmachines & OpenConsent, Sal D’Agostino,
Thurs: BSI – PIMS Jas Sahota, MIT: Thomas Harjourno