In the Kantara Community, the Kantara Consent & Information Sharing WG (CISWG) has been engineering consent transparency for people in  Identity Management.  To this end, the WG is excited  to announce  have the Consent Receipt Specification.

The Consent Receipt V.1 was an output comprised of many conversations in many communities starting from IIW in 2003 in Identity Commons over a decade ago. This resulted in outputs to global Identity Management community, privacy regulators and industry champions which have shaped the work that result in the Consent Receipt.

By the time the  V.1 Specification has been approved the General Data Protection Regulation draft was released and had included consent as a fundamental component of new laws that are coming into force on May 25th, 2018.

The Consent Receipt was developed in line with the International ISO 29100 Framework to create a privacy record format for people which will be usable as a minimum format for .consistent reporting of privacy notice internationally.

With this Consent Receipt specification Open Consent and Kantara have been able to embark on standardising what consent assurance and proof of consent will achieve for next generation consumer and sovereign identity management.

Kantara Initiative Consent Receipt v.1 specification can be found on the CISWG home page.

Now we are working diligently on V1.1 with a lot of needed clarity to make the consent record to human readable receipt a common part of every day life.  – Stay Tuned