Consent By Design

A notice protocol for providing people privacy information

Consent by Design is a privacy and surveillance ‘OPN Notification Protocol’ for generating privacy by default signalling. The OPN Network is used to maintain privacy expectations of people, by tracking changes to policy and annotating changes to the controller profile ledger. This acts as a notary, which is used to broadcast the expect state of privacy to produce consent by design service approach to privacy. This simplifies privacy and surveillance understanding for people.

Making Privacy easy to use

Privacy risk transparency is a privacy by default approach that simplifies privacy notifications by removing the amount of notice and information that is need for people to understand privacy. People have privacy expectations that are assumed to be the default, so that all notification start at this mutual state of privacy.

The privacy awareness level is recorded with transparency logs that contain privacy notice and consent records, these are used to capture the state of privacy and the awareness of the person. These records dramatically reduces the privacy awareness burden on people, provide an audit log for compliance, and starts to automate privacy for businesses.

The OPN Notice Protocol, structures the notifications, uses receipts to capture the state of privacy per context. These records are then used to personalise privacy notices for people and context Making privacy much easier to maintain with mutual awareness of state.

Making privacy easy for people to understand by providing notices when required, instead of policies reduces privacy friction as well as the privacy and security risks of digital surveillance and identity technologies.


Consent byDesign is a Notification Protocol for maintaining privacy expectations with privacy by design. It is used to streamline customer experience, create efficiencies in personal data control to protect business operations and brand with a reduction in privacy and surveillance risks people face with digital identity technologies.


Privacy byDesign, means that services are inherently private. Consent byDesign communicates privacy expectations so that these can be managed by people.

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