Consent By Design

Consent by Design is a notice protocol for keeping a mutual understanding of the privacy state between your brand and your customers.

Making Privacy easy to use

Today, with complicated privacy processing and management by companies, privacy is being done the hard way for people, where people are burdened with understanding a company version of privacy transparency. With easy privacy for people, its the company’s role to understand the privacy expectation of the person, and provide a notice about the risks.


Consent byDesign is a privacy by design approach to privacy expectations and privacy notice. It streamlines user experience, creates efficiencies in data protection, business operations and demonstrates a reduction in privacy risk to individuals and companies.


Enabling a shared privacy user experience with the tools for people to share sensitive and personal information with each other is the critical objective of the the Consent By Design protocol. Only possible by starting and maintaining a shared understanding of privacy, using technology that puts people in control, and enabling companies with the tools to benefit from rich first person information sharing.

White Paper

Download the Consent by Design White Paper avaialbe April 15, 2019.