May 24th, 2018 - Cross Community Liaison Event: Day Before GDPR


Advertised Event: May 25th (the day after this event) marks the day new data privacy rules become enforceable across the EU. It represents a shift to a new privacy paradigm more equipped for digital information society. This includes new performance requirements, like being able to demonstrate consent for processing personal data, granting free access to personal data “in a structured, commonly used and machine readable format” and transferring it “without hindrance” to other services, as well as providing explanations and “meaningful information” in relation to the logic, significance and consequences of automated decision-making.

Objective: Cross community workshop to connect projects and efforts that are related to each other to build liaisons and collaboration on best practice between efforts and communities (and celebrate GDPR)

Report Aim: to list projects and efforts that are active and overlapping. Provide this report as way for projects to connect over the summer, leading up to MyData’s conference in Helsinki.

At The Workshop


The event was broken down into 3 sessions, 1. Standards 2. Data Portability 3. AI -Right to an Explanation

This event also had a sister event “GDPRHackDay” co-hosted with MIT Media Labs. The 3rd Session, featured a presentation from Dr. Thomas Hardjono from MIT in London, with the remaining presentation broadcasted live and recorded for posterity here. For a summary about the Hackday see the HackDay Appendix.

The event started with standards efforts presenting on BSI PIM’s Standard - BS 10012:2017 ,W3C Data Privacy Vocabularies and Controls, Kantara CISWG Consent Receipt V.1.1(approved for release May 25) and interestingly both CISWG and BSI are providing input to ISO 29184, which will drive interoperability in notice and consent internationally (more below).

Go here for full OC Report