Kantara: Consent Receipt v.1 Published


In the Kantara Initiative community, the Kantara Consent & Information Sharing WG (CISWG) has been engineering consent transparency for the,Identity Management industry.  The Work Group, is excited to announce the publication of the Consent Receipt Specification, which is a project led to create a global specification for minimum viable consent element to capture a mutual state of privacy.   Expert volunteers have come together to build through consensus a specification to guide industry in capturing the privacy state people have when using identity attributes.

The Consent Receipt V.1 is  an output comprised of many engagements acorss standards communities, beginning with a conference called  IIW and a community called Identity Commons. These communities have been critical in the incubation of this work which started in 2006.  This has resulted in outputs that are helping to shape the global Identity Management community. Influencing privacy regulators and supporting industry champions to what has resulted in the work now called the Consent Receipt.

Consent is a fundamental component of new laws that are coming into force on May 25th, 2018.  At the time the V.1 Specification has been approved by the Kantara Community, the General Data Protection Regulation has come into force. Providing an important guide to the identity management industry, providing a vision of how  identity management can evolve to include privacy.

The Consent Receipt is now implemented in numerous industries and is  aligned with the international ISO 29100 Privacy Risk Framework as an approach to international interoperability of privacy notice and consent.    

Kantara Initiative Consent Receipt v.1 specification can be found on the CISWG home page.


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