Announcement: OPN Network Launch Announcement July 4th

Founders Sal D’Agostio & Mark Lizar Announce the OPN Notification Network

Founders Sal D’Agostio & Mark Lizar Announce the OPN Notification Network

Today, July 1, OpenConsent is preparing to announce the launch of the OPN Network to coincide with Canada and the US independence days.

The OPN Network promises digital transparency services to enhance the privacy and security of services that process personal information.

In honour of this momentous week, OpenConsent has chosen this week to provide a public, minimum broadcasting service. The service is free for all organisations and institutions to use to enhance their privacy policy with an active privacy signal based on open standards.

Critically, and problematically, today’s privacy policies have contract clauses that stipulate policies may change at any time. This is a well known global challenge for privacy as its difficult and expensive for companies to update people on changes to expect privacy or surveillance state of digital services. Consequently, people do not know what privacy to expect and this increases security risks for people, service providers and society.

The broadcasting services use an OPN Notification protocol that uses open international standard to broadcast legally required notifications to create operational privacy that is standardised and can be used across the world.

Broadcasting a live state based policy address a critical security problem for digital services that use digital identity technologies to track people.

Enrol in the OPN Network and try out privacy policy broadcasting.

Happy Independence Day From OpenConsent