Announcement: OPN Network Launch Announcement July 4th

Founders Sal D’Agostio & Mark Lizar Announce the OPN Notification Network

Founders Sal D’Agostio & Mark Lizar Announce the OPN Notification Network

Today, July 1, OpenConsent is preparing to announce the launch of the OPN Network to coincide with Canada and the US independence days.

The OPN Network promises digital transparency services to enhance the privacy and security of services that process personal information.

In honour of this momentous week, OpenConsent announces a free OPN Network (Beta) membership and privacy policy broadcasting service. This services adds a low privacy risk assurance, consent by design element to any existing privacy policy. The OPN will be generally available in September 2019.

This service reduces privacy risk, removes the privacy frictions caused when trying to keep your customers up to date with critical privacy services. The OPN Network Beta represents the free service on offer for all organisations and includes a free privacy Controller Profile used to enhance a privacy policy with an active privacy signal. The OPN is based on open standards, and demonstrates notification compliance with any privacy law in the world.

Critically, and problematically, today’s privacy policies may change at any time. Change without notification is out of compliance with privacy laws like the GDPR or PIPEDA. The OPN solves a well known, and global challenge, and shows the benefit of Consent By Design.

Happy Independence Day From OpenConsent