2019-01-24: COEL Standard will Revolutionise Privacy

Classification Of Everyday Living: Open Privacy Secret Sauce

The COEL Standard specification development is managed with the OASIS framework (www.oasis-open.org/committees/coel/). OASIS is a non-profit consortium that drives the development, convergence and adoption of open standards for the global information society.

The COEL specifications provide interoperability at the data layer with a knowledge base and data model. The roles and responsibilities of all the different actors are clearly defined alongside the data flows. It sets out the minimum requirements for a safe, operational ecosystem – leaving as much room as possible for innovation and competition. Finally, it is an interface specification that only defines how data is to be exchanged.

The COEL specification utilises the Kantara Privacy Receipt specification format for the specifying of consent elements in event capture in the form of atoms. This has made it the ideal format for storing privacy receipts for privacy profiles in a secure and flexible manner.

The COEL works is a tremendous breakthrough for attribute level events for consent and the distributed management of privacy notice, which is what Open Privacy Network is being designed and built with.

If your organisation is looking for how to scale privacy and privacy signalling, OpenConsent provides the service with this revolutionary technology to scale privacy signalling for enterprise.

This is because, COEL is a hierarchical taxonomy of everyday human life events. It provides a privacy-by-design framework for collecting and processing behavioural data that is uniquely suited to the transparent use of dynamic data for personalised digital services, IoT applications where devices are collecting information about identifiable individuals, and the coding of behavioural data in identity solutions.

COEL provides a key technology which OpenConsent uses for collecting and handling personal data that protects the interests of both individuals and businesses. There are core interface specifications for managing individuals within the ecosystem and querying Behavioural Atom data.

The management interface allows individuals to be added to a Service Provider, to be forgotten and to register devices that create Atoms. For more information on the OpenPrivacy Network COEL sandbox, contact mark(at)openconsent.com. In the sandbox, the query interface defines the method for searching and retrieving privacy notice and privacy notice update dynamically for the individual using COEL Atoms.

These aspects of the specification are described in ‘Minimum Management Interface’ and ‘Public Query Interface’.

To find out more, see the TC's home page at https://www.oasis-open.org/committees/coel/. Or check out Coelition at https://coelition.org/business/resources/coel-standard/

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