Kantara & OpenConsent: International Liaison 2019


Consent & Identity

International Liaison 2019

In 2016, the Kantara Board of Directors agreed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Open Consent Group to facilitate the interoperability and adoption of consent and privacy in digital identity management

The Consent Receipt Specification being developed in the Kantara Consent & Information Sharing WG, was first authored by Mark Lizar in the Open Notice project, and then contributed to and developed further in the Kantara Community.  The published version is edited by David Turner and produced by the work group before assessment and approval by the Kantara community.

The Consent Receipt works began in 2014 and has become more significant since the  General Data Protection Regulation for EU was first announced.

The minimum viable consent receipt specification provides a point of  convergence for standards and laws aiming to provide usable privacy transparency.  This is critical for people and distributed privacy services to see, discover and use privacy in a common manner.  Based on international privacy taxonomy, help harmonise across different standards and legal jurisdictions.

The Specification is proving to be a point of convergence for efforts and projects across the world, working towards a common model to describe a mutual state of  privacy for surveillance and personal data control.

Notice and consent is the global  point of convergence for privacy signalling in identity management,  as notice is required in all privacy laws, and represent consistent legal requirements for privacy identity  in all privacy principles frameworks and a data protection legislation.

In 2019, OpenConsent and Kantara Initiative are supporting the drive to harmonise privacy taxonomy and categorisation of consent to support international interoperability of privacy in identity management and security.

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