About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide privacy and security transparency that people can also understand and use.
OpenConsent aims to amplify the performance of privacy  and security, by making it open and public.  Working to simplify  operational privacy and security policies.

What Open Consent is About

Our market is providing transparency over privacy and security risk.   We do not harvest personal data or try to make a quick return on brokering personal information  – we build infrastructure for services that provide  people, controllers and processors a shared state of privacy and security.
The founders of OpenConsent have been. apart of evolving the privacy and security industry for decades.
This network has been a long term pet project to provide an open international network for  privacy and security.  Providing privacy services for free and selling security and surveillance assurance to companies.
For innovation in transparency and privacy technology, support this project, get an account and provide some awesome feedback !!

Our infrastructure is designed with an investment into open standards to create interoperability, global compatibility and audit-ability. Producing compliance and evidential capabilities for privacy and security automation.