About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is to enable privacy and personal data control infrastructure for a growing global community of digital technology.
Our long  term vision is to ensure that the digital society we are all building is underpinned by meaningful, informed consent and notice that empowers people and society consumers / citizens / individuals to be a smart species, save the planet and society.
Open Consent will seek out and make itself visible to the organisations around the world that are already building great businesses based on the transparent and fair use of personal data.
OC will work with customers, regulators and innovators to promote and spread best practice in privacy, notice and consent.
The heroes of our story are our customers who are deploying and developing trustworthy person-centred services.
Open Consent’s visibility to both individuals and organisations makes it unique in the market. The founders of Open Consent bring together many years of experience developing privacy, notice and consent systems for enterprises in many jurisdictions. They have proven capability in working with regulators and are authors of leading open consent standards in the market.  OpenConsent is unparalleled in its depth knowledge (supported by intellectual property) of how to engineer privacy openness and transparency  into practical tools that work seamlessly for individuals and organisations.
Open Consent will succeed because it understands how to leverage a wide industry network to amplify good privacy practices through its platform, the Privacy Network.  We  know the law, where it fits and how to use for something that is important to consumers / citizens / individuals in ways that help organisation flourish.

What Open Consent is About

Our market is the digital personal data market - but we are not harvesting personal data or trying to make a quick return on brokering personal data  – we exist to help organisations and individuals to clearly agree what they expect from each other when using digital personal data. It is this fairness and transparency that will build a successful digital economy and society.
Our customers are consumer-facing / citizen-facing organisations, providing services that use personal data, who care about their privacy reputation and are prepared to defend  & promote that reputation (put their heads above the wall and say “we are trying to do the right thing by being transparent because it is fair and makes business sense.”
Many of our customers already have excellent privacy design and consent practices but struggle to be seen and to turn this into competitive advantage. Some of our customers needs our services to achieve their growth potential with scalable technical solutions. All of our customers rely on our independent expertise to provide an assurance of trust for their consumers / citizens.

Open Consent provides an international platform for organisations to broadcast their privacy credentials. Once registered, organisations gain access to wide range of tools for privacy, notice and consent management. Our infrastructure is designed with an investment into open standards to ensure interoperability, global compatibility and auditability.