About Us

Who We Are

OpenConsent is a little startup company that officially is just starting up  with the launch of Professional Services for helping organisations better Advertise their Privacy.

Before this startup, the OpenConsent team has facilitated and participated in privacy, identity, surveillance,  standards and infrastructure development.

Our Story

The OpenConsent team came together from multiple projects working in the space of my data, consent and identity over the last decade to address some of the biggest issues in privacy and trust of the digital age.

This team is instrumental in developing standards for next generation Privacy 2.o infrastructure. The members of OpenConsent provide senior leadership to guide the development of infrastructure for Trust that scales.  With communication, transparency and innovation.

Meet the Team

Our team is comprised of senior industry experts with experience in identity infrastructure  and international enterprise privacy standards.  For organisations that require privacy openness, transparency and consent.


We are more than serious about privacy.   Our objective is to collect, process, store and use personal data as little as possible with the product and services we are building.
That being said, the current versions of the OpenConsent website is WordPress currently using   a WordPress Jetpack analytics and as a result cookies from WordPress are used to track you.  This website also has a contact form which requests your name and email address, only so that we can contact you upon your request and with your consent. We will delete this and not contact you at your request.    If you have any questions about your privacy email us at privacy@openconsent.com

Our Privacy Policy

Professional Services

Open Public Privacy Profile Consulting

We specialise in the open privacy infrastructure and engineering.

We advise and report on existing public profile elements like Data Controller Registration and 3rd party trust services.

  • Privacy Openness Auditing, Design Testing and Implementation
  • Privacy Notice & Policy Engineering for all contexts, justifications of privacy, consent, surveillance and identity.
  • We run panels, test the performance of notice and consent,
  • Advise on modality and audience


If you are interested in having your public privacy profile reviewed, and would like more information.

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