Frictionless Privacy

Using standards, provide our customers with frictionless privacy so that people can easily see surveillance. Make digital transparency for meaningful consent possible and privacy operational.

Through Our Work

The founders of OpenConsent have been involved in developing International standards for notice, consent and surveillance for over a decade.

Through extensive engagement with regulators, industry and community, OpenConsent has bootstrapped and participated in many projects that are pioneering identity relationship management, privacy, personal security and human trust today.

open about Consent & Notice

OpenConsent has worked to support the development of standards for being open at a digital and machine readable manner, as well as a human and technical and legal manner.

Open Notice, the initial project was about the providence of information and its authority, without providence, a notice and anything it is used for, is of limited utility. The founders of Open Consent have championed standards in privacy and security.

We found, through extensive privacy regulation, standards and product research, that companies and people, today, have an impossible job of providing meaningful privacy.

The current tools of a privacy policy and customised (closed) privacy notices don’t provide a consistent/usable user experience, nor do they present a consistent level of secure privacy information or enough contextual integrity for proportional compliance and for trustworthy services.

This has made modern privacy un-usable and with all of the data breaches people feel very exposed and incapable of addressing privacy risks. At OpenConsent we offer companies the opportunity to make privacy usable and bridge this gap.




Mark & Sal are pioneers in privacy, security, surveillance, transparency and trust.




Joss and K have mentored the OpenConsent project since its earliest beginnings and have guided the ethos, approach and focus.

Joss Langford is an engineer, scientist, author and proven business leader, pioneering the use of behavioural data. Joss led the research and development of event based protocol COEL, which OpenConsent uses for privacy by design to unlock privacy safe behavioural data.

K Waterman Krasnow, is world renown a LegalTech pioneer. K has been addressing privacy and security issues in roles as diverse as inception CIO of an intelligence analytics facility created by the White House after 9/11.


Trading Partners


International Privacy

The founders of OpenConsent are long term, active, contributing members, to the international privacy and security standards community. All our services are built with international privacy standards as a baseline.


In 2019, OpenConsent engaged in a multi-community effort to standardise privacy state to drive interoperability and transparency in privacy. We work with organisations interested in contributing to interoperability of privacy and consent standards to pioneer trust. To find out more or to get involved check out.