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Countdown To Privacy Enforcement and the End of Privacy 1.0. May 25th

Promise of Privacy 2.0

Privacy by default, is the promise of Privacy 2.0 which is marked as starting when the Privacy laws become enforceable in the EU May 25th,  2018.      Its also marked as the day digital technology is recognised in terms of the threat to personal…

Next OC Events - Privacy Week: May 22 & 23 - London UK

Marketing Media & Privacy – May 22 – 2018

An Industry In Disruption Google, Facebook, Internet Advertising Board, and Explicit Consent.   May 25th, 2018 marks the date when the marketing industry is no longer left to regulate itself.  The privacy guidance is barely usable and the new digital consumer will be embedded with…

ConsentTech : Open Space May 23

ConsentTech Open Space Informal Consent Tech Open Space; In the morning; legal, technical and design workshops are planned with an  invite list and announcements to be posted and sent via newsletter. Agenda Morning Workshops for legal, technical and design of consent British Standards Institute –…