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Privacy As Expected: Real-Time Data Protection

Today, people are literally in the dark ages, and as the privacy risks increase, so do the security risks. People need digital transparency to shed light on how to manage and control personal information in context and protect themselves. 

This is because people are unable to see (in context) when their privacy or security changes. This puts people and organisations at an ever increasing risk with a growing liability. People need to know what to expect in order to trust and engage with information sharing. When it comes to  privacy or personal security today, not only does it need to be secure for business, it needs to be much more clear and usable by people to maintain security and not be vulnerable themselves. Trust happens when people know what to expect and all parties understand the question and answer to, “ Is this consent or not?” 

Trust for people through digital transparency shines a new light on privacy and security and drives the economics and value in an open information economy.


Digital transparency that scales is built with standards that are international and open. OpenConsent contributes and supports multiple standards development and trade organisations.

The OPN Notice Receipt Schema is an open format, designed to be the minimum set of identity fields required for a record of providence. It is extended with additional fields for jurisdiction and industry again with standards resulting in digital transparency.

The semantic open notice receipt is used to maintain a shared knowledge of the state of the controller with a data subject.

The notice receipt automates assuring the providence of notifications and digital content. This is a critical component for automating privacy rights. An incontrovertible record with the providence and identity of the Controller is captured in the open notice receipt.

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 White Hat Privacy ProfessionalS

At OpenConsent we have made long-term investments in R&D and to standards. Our white hat (as oppose to black hat) long-term (over decades ) ethical approach has driven an increasingly successful global campaign for usable and enforceable privacy rights.

Our White Hat Privacy research is ongoing and girders our White Hat Privacy professional services for auditing, assessing, innovating and engineering privacy and security services and infrastructure. The research also provides continues input into OpenConsent’s OPN digital and IoT services.

In the UK

There is a mandatory Data Controller & CCTV government registry, which sets a minimum baseline for transparency.  This governance along with enforced (GDPR) privacy law set the framework next generation privacy.

Privacy Broadcasting

Privacy Broadcasting is an application, developed by OpenConsent, that refers to the digital broadcasting of privacy state with notice receipts. Privacy Broadcasting is an advanced digital and physical data processing technology, engineered for commercial and video surveillance and security. The privacy state is defined by law, illustrated in a standard and enforced in a number of ways. Privacy Broadcasting is used for broadcasting the physical IoT and digital privacy state, using the notice receipt schema as an ultra-open basis for broadcasting with an open notice receipt.

The privacy and security advancement starts with a mutually shared and expected state of privacy. If you’d like to learn more about Privacy Broadcasting and get started with better and open privacy and create trust through transparency you can sign up below and we can get you started or just let us know what we can do for you.