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Privacy As Expected: Real-Time Data Protection

Today, people and companies are literally in the dark about privacy and surveillance. In a world a of escalating privacy risks there is a like escalation in the security resources to address them. A way to address these risks is to share the expected privacy state publicly with people. Why not using standards interoperably share the expectation of privacy (globally) in the same formats and have the same meanings for active and contextual (operational) privacy? Currently organisations most often make their own policy for privacy and statements which are in fact seldom privacy policies at all, and more likely terms and conditions for the company and provide no operational privacy for the enterprise.

The economic and social benefits of international standards for open privacy are significant and apparent. They reduce the burden on people to understand privacy policies, reduce the privacy risk for people, and reduce the costs of providing privacy updates and notices.


Digital transparency that scales is built with standards that are interoperable, open and autonomous. OpenConsent contributes and supports the open standards and trade organisations for the development and use of privacy transparency .

The OPN Notice Receipt Schema is an open format that is extended with the use of multiple standards.

The semantic open notice receipt is used with a Controller Registry to maintain a shared knowledge of the state of privacy between people and services.

The notice receipt schema is used as a common notice format that can be extended for consent. It is aimed at digital assurance of the identity and contact for the controller of a privacy notice.

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 White Hat Privacy ProfessionalS

Ethics in privacy are required to build trust companies can use to be trustworthy

Ethics in privacy are required to build trust companies can use to be trustworthy

At OpenConsent we have made long-term investments in R&D and white hat (as oppose to black hat) research tools for ethical transparency.

Our White Hat Privacy research and professional services are used for profiling and monitoring privacy and services according to risk.

Data Controller REgistry

The United Kingdom since 1998 has operated a data controller and CCTV registry, mandatory for high risk processing of personal data. This required registry provides the international baseline for which privacy transparency is set for operational governance which is enforceable.  This governance along with the updated European Privacy law set the standard for enforceable privacy laws around the world, providing a great use for the technical use of standards for administering these regulations.

The OPN: Privacy Icon

For advancing human centric privacy and security OpenConsent has developed a Privacy Icon which is connected to a controller registry that uses international standards to create a publicly available profile of required privacy information.

The objective of this icon is to provide an initial amount of transparency for people, that that other people can independently trust. Pilots for projects based on laws and standards are welcome to apply with a conformance profile or a code of practice. In particular efforts that work with accredited or competent authorities and services that have a high level of privacy risk

The objective of the privacy icon is to be more advanced about transparency, proportionality and reciprocity.