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Countdown To Privacy Enforcement and the End of Privacy 1.0. May 25th

 End Of Privacy 1.0 Activities
May 22, 23rd & 24th

Privacy News & Events

End Of Privacy 1.0: GDPR Week 2018

 End of Privacy 1.0 – Week 2018 This week in May will mark a historical moment when EU Privacy Laws become enforced  on May 25th. OpenConsent is apart of hosting 3 events this week, bringing together industry, standards and privacy experts. 3 Privacy Activites in London:…

Privacy 2.0 – The Podcast

Guest host Jeff Sieben is joined today by two experts in data privacy, Constantine Karbaliotis of PwC and Sal D’Agostino CoFounder of OpenConsent, to discuss the responsibility of organizations to protect their employee and user data. We talk about the upcoming GDPR legislation in Europe,…