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Consent ByDesign

Broadcast changes to privacy and security, be open about privacy risk of your services and maintain a higher quality of awareness with your customers.


Broadcasting Privacy Changes


add a privacy state machine to your policy

People can’t see when their privacy or security changes. It’s difficult for businesses to meet their operational privacy and security needs. And it’s been an unmet challenge as how to keep people notified, in a user friendly way that is compliant with evolving privacy regulations. Sign up here to create a Privacy Controller Profile to transparently broadcast required notification and reduce the burden of privacy for people.

The OPN Controller Profile automatically monitors privacy and service policies for changes. When a change is detected, the OPN broadcast icon is used to alert and show people their privacy state and whether their privacy relationships and the nature of their surveillance is as expected. This addresses the critical flaw in the current use of privacy policies, in that they are not usable by people, don’t have an impact on privacy risk to people and not fit for purpose . OPN members, in comparison, demonstrates privacy compliance and inform people, in an easy to understand and usable way when privacy changes and to have options to react to those changes. It also allows your privacy controller to take actions, including managing the dissemination of privacy state changes and the issuance of notice, consent, other receipts

The Controller Profile automatically captures privacy changes in a public Profile Ledger and keeps this record over time.


join The opn network

We took the covers off the OPN Network on July 4th, 2019 to celebrate and advance data independence with the first OPN Network service, Privacy Policy Broadcasting provides dynamic transparency about the state of privacy policies and makes this available in a globally compliant way at scale. This basic registration takes place quickly and immediately reduces privacy risk for companies and people and increases privacy and security operational efficiency.

The privacy broadcasting icon immediately enhances privacy policies with a broadcasts signal that indicates a privacy state change. The OPN makes available to any company the means to address the global challenge of privacy compliance. Take the action, now, to advance the state of privacy, security and easily let people know what privacy to expect.. … For More Information


The Privacy Policy Broadcasting™ Service

ENHANCE BRAND PRIVACY WITH OPEn Surveillance and increase trust

Privacy policies place an undue and impractical burden on people. OpenConsent provides an international standards-based privacy certification for being transparent about surveillance. With our advanced notification network, people can see how much privacy they have. Being open about surveillance makes privacy easy for people and companies, simplifies the experience for customers and enables companies to broadcast privacy and demonstrate compliance at the same time.

Privacy broadcasting provides dynamic notification features, and the associated surveillance profile provides transparency people can trust. By enrolling in the OPN companies remove the need to contact all of your customers every time privacy changes. It greatly and cost-effectily reduces the burden on the person(s) responsible for privacy, surveillance or data security.


Add a privacy broadcasting icon to your policy, to provide and active privacy signal to your policy.

Privacy broadcasting works by generating a Controller Profile in the OPN. Each profile monitors privacy changes and generates contextual notifications for your privacy service. This in turn and automatically broadcasts this so that people can receive privacy notifications independently and remotely. The broadcasting Icon is dynamic and verified by the network a to provide usable and higher levels of privacy assurance.