This week the Kantara Board of Directors agreed an Memorandum of Understanding with the Open Consent Group to facilitate the engineering and adoption of Consent & Identity Management.

The Consent Receipt Specification being developed in the Kantara Consent & Information Sharing WG, has being led by

Mark Lizar, which is now being edited by David Turner, ex Global Director of Standards at Microsoft.

The Consent Receipt work, started in 2014, has become more significant since the new General Data Protection Regulation for EU has been in announced in December and published on May 4th of this year.   The Consent Receipt is intended to work globally, is based on the ISO 29100 Privacy & Security framework is very well designed and anticipates this new

This GDPR regulation, which has had fierce lobbying from the likes of Google, has dramatically improved and strengthen the laws around privacy and especially consent, raising the bar internationally.   Not only requiring greater transparency over consent, which the receipt provides, but legally mandating the provisions of notices for consent, the creation of privacy records for consent and that consent be as easy to withdraw as it is to provide.

All of which can be made possible with the Consent Receipt in a consistent, open and transparent way.

The CISWG aims to ratify the first draft of the Consent Receipt, with a V1.1, which will take 3 rounds of public comments from the WG,  implementors and then the Kantara Community, before being voted on to become a Kantara Publication.

We look forward to working with Kantara to achieve this publication in the next year as the Consent Receipt is the only specification of its type, which will work internationally.