International Privacy Summit May 22nd




The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is having a tremendous impact and is redefining International Privacy for industry in 2018.   

This event is an exclusive event, with a limited number of tickets at IBM Southbank, in Central London.  Directed at Executives and the International Standards Communities, who are building the future of global privacy;  

This conference is designed to educate industry elite to inform business decision makers, industry associations, executives and DPO’s on the real impacts of new privacy regulation and the latest in privacy standards innovation.


Expert Sessions (for privacy standards)

Advanced BreakOut Sessions are planned; Technical deep dive: 

Intended audience:

These breakout sessions are intended for the attendees with a technical understanding who will be involved in implementing or overseeing the implementation of technical solutions and those interested in the standards and policies that underpin tech solutions.

Session A:  Identity Consent & User Managed Access

Learn how to put the Kantara Consent Receipt and User Managed Access (UMA) standards to work to enable dynamic applications that enhance consumer's control of their data, and enable inter-operable compliance

    1. Eve Maler (XMLGrrl)- Chair of UMA WG (TBC) - VP at ForgeRock
    2. Mark Lizar,  Co-Chair CIS WG  Consent Receipts
    3. Sal D’Agostino, - Chair of Identity Relationship Management (IRM)- Open Consent & ID Machines
    4. Mike Schwartz,  - Chair of OTTO -  Gluu Founder

Session B: : Trust & Personal Data Control

  1. Privacy Transparency
    1. How Privacy Transparency with Standards creates international trust  - Mark Lizar
  2. Codes of Conduct for Advertising
    1. Purpose limitation - Rupert Graves
  3. Integrating Privacy into Identity Management

Session C: :  Standards Open Space

Non-Proift and Standards Organisations - Open Space,  

Standards for Privacy Transparency and access control, Consent Receipts & User Managed Access (UMA), ISO 29100 Privacy Framework,  BSI, Trust Frameworks  and other relevant identity and privacy standards.  The attendee's drive the session. 

        1. Mike Schwartz,  - Chair of OTTO -  Gluu Founder
        2. Shaun Conway - (TBC)
        3. Dean Landsman
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