About Us

Our Vision

Is to  develop transparency over privacy and personal data control.  Currently, we enable organisations to provide usable transparency over privacy and information sharing practices.

Our Story

The OpenConsent team came together from multiple projects working in the space of my data, consent and identity over the last decade.  After winning multiple competitions for consent innovation we started working together to create the OpenConsent Group.   The members of OpenConsent are global experts in open standards, identity, privacy transparency and policy. All of whom have successfully lobbied for the strengthening of privacy, transparency and consent in regulation for the last decade.

Meet the Team

Our award winning team is a group of industry experts in the space of consent standards, identity, policy and personal information control.  We  have been working in this space for over a decade and have been creating the policy and standards, which are becoming law.

Our History

Over the last 20 years consent based innovation has been stagnant. We are a group of innovators that have endeavoured to change that.
Now that there are sufficient market forces to support innovation; consent tech, smart law, personal media. Now this complex set of problems can be addressed at scale.
To develop scalable ecosystem multiple tasks need to feed into a cross-industry and cross-standards innovation cycle.  A cycle that includes, policy, standards, best practices, flexible consent and relationship management.

With these elements we can create privacy transparency  that is usable for people so that Consent and Notice based are meaningful and privacy enabling.


We are more than serious about privacy.   Our objective is to collect, process, store and use personal data as little as possible.  This website uses a WordPress Jetpack analytics and as a result cookies from WordPress are used to track you.  This website also has a contact form which requests your name and email address, only so that we can contact you upon your request and with your consent. We will delete this and not contact you at your request.    If you have any questions about your privacy email us at privac@openconsent.com

Our Privacy Policy

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