About Us

About Open Consent

Open Consent was created to build the infrastructure and deliver services that enable privacy to be both usable and ubiquitous across contexts.
At Open Consent we work on privacy for surveillance. The universe has overt and covert surveillance both on-line and offline at levels accelerating by the millisecond. Our founder’s experience with security and surveillance has provided OpenConsent the opportunity to work globally and establish a privacy profile infrastructure that meets the needs for the privacy, identity and security/surveillance ecosystem for usable privacy for people.
To meet the needs of privacy controllers and processors we have spent the last few years engineering, designing, and building an International Privacy Broadcasting Network (IPBN) to support the operational requirements of existing and future privacy, security and identity infrastructure services.

Our Team

Our team has been involved in building usable privacy, security and identity infrastructure for decades. Combined, Sal D'Agostino and Mark Lizar have almost 50 years of experience in privacy, security, identity management and consent.

Our Advisors

K Waterman Krasnow brings very deep experience and subject matter expertise about privacy and surveillance and is globally recognised as a legal tech pioneer with groundbreaking efforts in privacy and rights automation.

Joss Langford, is world renown as the author and developer of the Classification of Every Day Living (COEL) Standard at OASIS

The OpenConsent Dev Team

Each member of the team brings energy skills and commitment to realising the potential of OpenConsent and daily contributing to the evolutions of globally usable privacy and rights management.


We are more than serious about privacy and our aim is to create global privacy infrastructure. We have a reputation for integrity as a proponent of privacy by design; championing our philosophies in Identity management, surveillance and security. As a brand we collect, process, store and use personal data only with consent.  In our Privacy Network, the entire network is privacy by design and we never ask for your customer's data.

That being said, you are able to provide OpenConsent personal data as long as it is with explicit consent. The OpenConsent website has a contact form that requests your name and email address, so that we can contact you upon your request.    If you have any questions about your privacy email us at privacy@openconsent.com

Our Privacy Policy

Professional Services

Open Public Privacy Profile Consulting

We specialise in the open privacy infrastructure and engineering.

We advise, report on and develop privacy profiles for Data Controller, Processors and 3rd party trust services.

  • Privacy Openness Auditing, Design Testing and Implementation
  • Privacy Notice & Profile Engineering for all contexts, justifications of privacy, consent, surveillance and identity.
  • We run panels, test the performance of notice and consent,
  • Privacy Notice and Policy engineering advising on modality and audience

If you are interested in having your public privacy profile reviewed, and would like more information.